About Us

Yoga Boutique Clothing

At Inspired By Stephanie Rose, we are a husband and wife team sharing with the world that which inspires us—Eastern Religions, Travel and Mythology. All of our yoga boutique clothing items are designed to motivate and inspire, featuring graphics, icons and mantras that have most moved us. To share with you the background behind each piece, all of our inspirational clothing items and yoga tanks come with a description card, which we hope can help to fill your favorite items with deeper meaning that will resonate with you. Explore our collection today, and we’re sure you’ll find something that speaks to you!

Our Background

My name is Stephanie, and working with my hands has always been my calling. I am a Massage Therapist, Jewelry Artist, Anthropologist and Screen Printer! I strive to capture the love of what I do in each piece I create.

Before creating the Inspired By Stephanie Rose line of yoga boutique clothing and accessories, I spent two summers in India studying Jainism. While there, I visited Jain, Buddhist and Hindu temples, watched numerous religious ceremonies and visited the Ellora and Ajanta Caves in Aurangabad. Upon returning to the states, I took Hindi as my language in college with hopes of returning one day. I became inspired by the stories and teachings of Indian religions and want to share that with you all.

My husband Cody is going on 17 years as a submariner in the US Navy. With his job, he has gotten to travel all over Southeast Asia and has recently taken up yoga! We love to travel the world together and hope to continue doing so once my husband completes his career with the US Navy. We currently have three young children—Evan, Lily and Violet. We love that we have a career that allows us to travel and spend time with our children! Thank you for your support!