Remove Tension & Obstacles With The Ganesha Yoga Pose – The Ganesha Mudra

Remove Tension & Obstacles With The Ganesha Yoga Pose – The Ganesha Mudra

January 24, 2018

Ganesha, the elephant-headed deity and beloved god in the Hindu religion, is a prominently featured icon in Indian art and mythology. Known as the Bringer of New Beginnings, Lord of Good Fortune and Remover of Obstacles, Ganesha empowers his followers to live a courageous, barrier-free life. He is said to personify the symbolic sound of “ohm,” and his essence reverberates throughout the principles of yoga, particularly in the symbolic hand gesture or “mudra” named after him. In this post, we’ll walk you through this Ganesha yoga pose to help you unlock its power in your daily life.

Achieving The Ganesha Mudra

The Ganesha mudra is a powerful hand lock which, when incorporated into your yoga practice, can lift your spirits, relieve tension and boost confidence! It is the physical embodiment of perseverance. To achieve it, you should begin in a comfortable seated position with a long, straight spine. Then:

  • Bring both hands in front of your chest with bent elbows.
  • Position your left hand, palm outward, so your thumb points down toward the solar plexus and your pinky points up toward the collar bone.
  • Form a claw by bending the four fingers of your left hand and clasping them with the four fingers of your right hand. Your right palm should be facing your chest.
  • Take a deep breath in through the nose. Fill up.
  • Upon exhaling, forcefully pull both arms apart while keeping the claws locked. Feel that resistance open your shoulders and chest.
  • Inhale again and relax your arms, always maintaining the Ganesha lock. Exhale and pull apart.
  • Repeat this process six times, breath to movement.
  • Interchange the direction of your hands, with your right palm facing outwards and the left palm facing inward.
  • Repeat six more times.
  • Release the mudra, feeling all tension melt away with it. Bring your unclasped hands to your heart, palms facing inward. Focus on slow, deliberate breaths, absorbing the restoration of equilibrium to the body, mind and soul.

Remover Of Obstacles

By uniting this Ganesha yoga pose with potent breath, blockages and obstacles are evicted from the body. With no refuge in the openness that’s been created, the clutter of the mind also dissolves. And since it’s his job to destroy what’s in the way, Ganesha has been known to place obstacles in the path of those who need to be “checked.” If something blocks your path, invoking Ganesha’s symbolic destruction with this mudra can help to create space for what you seek!

God Of Beginnings

Often honored at the opening of important rites and ceremonies, Ganesha represents new beginnings. His presence reminds us it’s only after we’ve removed the obstacles that we can begin anew. Sometimes, we must demolish the ego to rebuild a stronger foundation for personal growth. The yoga mat is the perfect place to lay that base!

Release After Resistance

The Ganesha pose can remove negativity and stress by stimulating resistance in the upper body. Sometimes, it’s only after release that we notice the heaviness of the weight we were carrying. What are you resisting? What’s holding you back? What obstacles can you remove to free yourself from what doesn’t serve you? Surround yourself with Ganesha, and all can become clear.

Live in Liberation

There’s no better way to honor the Elephant God and his vitality than by taking him wherever you go. The Inspired by Stephanie Rose Collection offers a confidence-boosting, liberating, comfortable line of Ganesha yoga clothes that’s perfect for new beginnings.

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