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What To Wear To SUP Yoga – Try Yoga On The Water!

What To Wear To SUP Yoga – Try Yoga On The Water!

March 07, 2018

Sometimes, yoga and water are just better together. Stand up paddleboard yoga—aka SUP yoga—incorporates many of the asanas you’ve come to know and love, with a little twist. In this trending practice, you can go through your flows while you float… on water. While balancing on a paddleboard, you’ll be challenged, stretched, strengthened and centered, with nothing but the tranquility of water beneath you. But if you’re new to this sport, you might ask be asking what to wear to SUP yoga. Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered with a brief overview of everything you need to get started! 

What Is SUP Yoga?

SUP yoga is a great way to shake up your usual yoga routine. Instead of practicing on a mat, you’ll move through a series of hatha and vinyasa based poses while balancing on a 10-12-foot paddle board. Classes generally occur on a calm body of water such as a lake, bay, or even a swimming pool. Instructors are specially certified to lead the class through postures designed to strengthen the muscles and calm the mind. Of course, you’ll also experience the natural tranquility that water has to offer.

What do we want? Yoga!

Where do we want it? On the water!

Are we sure about that? Yeah!!!

Some of the more common poses practiced in paddleboard yoga are Cat Cow Tilts, Downward Facing Dog, Plank Pose, Chair Pose, Child’s Pose and Savasana. More advanced yogis can play with challenging balance postures like Tree Pose, Crescent Lunges and Warriors 1 and 2. Balancing on the board creates an additional challenge vs trying out your poses on solid ground!

What To Bring With You

paddleboard yoga handstand

If your practice takes place outdoors (as opposed to maybe an indoor pool), be sure to bring all of the essentials for protecting yourself from the sun. A hat and/or sunglasses can be helpful in shielding your face and eyes. And sunscreen is a must for combating harmful UV rays. Choose a waterproof, oil-free lotion or spray to avoid any unnecessary slipping. A towel is also useful for wiping off sweat or covering your eyes during Savasana. A Tote Bag can be a great way to keep everything together! Most importantly? Bring a beginner’s mind and a smile!

What To Wear For SUP Yoga

It’s completely acceptable to wear normal, comfortable yoga attire to a paddleboard yoga practice. Tank tops and tees work great, especially if you’ll be outdoors. Since the overall goal is to stay on the board, you’ll be safe and remain relatively dry if you practice with solid alignment and balance. If you’re outside in the warm sunshine, it can’t hurt to practice in a bathing suit and opt for a quick swim after (or during) your practice!

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Benefits Of Paddleboard Yoga

One of the biggest advantages to this practice is the increased engagement of the abdominal muscles, compared to yoga in a normal setting. Since the body must maintain balance on an unstable surface, the core works overtime to stay planted on the board!

Another benefit of SUP yoga is the ability to refine your practice. The lack of stability has a funny way of showing you that one small misalignment can send you plunging toward (or into) the water. It’s okay, yogis. You can laugh it right off! And the most obvious benefit? You get to release your inner child and play in water!

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