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How to Start A Yoga Lifestyle

How to Start A Yoga Lifestyle

October 15, 2018

Some people think of yoga as another form of exercise. For some, it might just an excuse to wear comfortable pants (okay, it is). But for others, yoga is so much more than that! Yoga can be a lifestyle. It’s the practice, not just of poses, but of principles. We’re not only moving and breathing, we’re growing. And sometimes, without even realizing it, we’re starting a whole new lifestyle. This post breaks down the essential elements of how to start a yoga lifestyle and its benefits.

Practice Mindfulness to Manage Stress

Life is going to happen. Starting a yoga lifestyle can help you learn how to manage that the stress involved. By practicing mindfulness, we make a commitment to living consciously, in the now. Yoga is the epitome of “stop and smell the roses.” Instead of dwelling on the unchangeable memories of the past or uncertain notions of the future, a true yogi must focus on what’s happening right now.

The now is something to be grateful for. Not everyone has the luxury of living in it. Honing in on the good things around you keeps you grounded, focused and stress-free. Most of life’s anxieties come from deviating away from the present.

Journey to Find the Self

Bhagavad Gita once said, “yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.” By living a yogic lifestyle, we’re presented with a remarkable opportunity to find our true self. It appears when we quiet the mind and let the soul speak out. By practicing yoga, we create the space for it to unveil itself, which, in turn, makes a yogic lifestyle easier and easier to maintain.  

Adopt a Healthy Existence

Leading a yoga lifestyle means keeping a healthy existence. This includes nourishment, rest, activity and play. A wholesome diet gives energy and nutrition, setting the foundation for a strong body and mind. Engaging in movement and activity enhances this even further, taking that energy and using it to pump freshly oxygenated blood through the system to increase endorphins. Rest is required to strengthen the immune system and repair the cells. And play is just as important—because without it, how can we enjoy our health? These four cornerstones make up our vital whole, and a truly yogic lifestyle is all about wholeness.  

Keep to the Code

When learning how to start a yoga lifestyle, try to keep to the code—the yoga code, that is. The Yamas are the moral, ethical and societal codes of yoga. They are the first of the Eight Limbs of Yoga and are mainly concerned with the world around us and how we interact with it.

  • Ahimsa is non-violence toward the self, others and nature.
  • Satya is truthfulness, as in your essence or unchangeable truth. It’s about shifting your thoughts, emotions and moods to create that truth.
  • Asteya is the notion of not stealing, taking only what you need, and using what you have to help the universe. It’s about not standing in the way of anyone else’s desires or truth.
  • Aparigraha is the quality of non-greed or non-possessiveness. It’s about being simple, minimalistic and living in moderation.

Striving to abide by the Yamas is a time-honored way to promote a yogic lifestyle. To be non-violent, truthful, authentic, humble and helpful is to live like the ancient yogis who forged the path for our practices today.

Radiate Positivity, Love and Light

Be a warrior for positivity. Do the work, on and off the mat, to shine forth light, love and respect for all those around you (including yourself). This can be the best way to channel the true meaning of yoga.

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